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Courses cater for both commercial and residential builders. They are suitable for employees at all levels from project managers and sub-contractors through to graduates and apprentices.

Tailored Courses

How does a tailored course help you get the most out of your team?

It allows the BLSC to tap into your everyday site specific issues to develop desired learning outcomes that meet your organisational goals. Working in consultation with your training and human resources manager, the BLSC will work through six critical phases ensuring desired course content and outcomes are achieved. Course development costs are very competitive and throughout the process we work in partnership with you so that your training module meets your individual needs.

How Custom Courses are Created

Phase 1

BLSC team meets with client to discuss objectives, requirements and the type of building and construction work that their team undertakes.

Phase 2

Clients training and human resource managers to meet with the BLSC, pin pointing specific learning requirements and expected outcomes.

Phase 3

The BLSC to liaise with the clients subject matter experts to gain an understanding of the specific issues and challenges that they confront on their building projects. Timelines for the tailored course are agreed to and finalised.

Phase 4

Course content, scenarios and training options are presented to the clients training and human resource managers for review. A date is proposed to test the course through a taster session and client signs offs on the training program.

Phase 5

The BLSC runs a taster session for the clients staff so they can be satisfied that the course development meets their expectations.

Phase 6

Client staff participate in customised training course.

Customised Solutions

The BLSC can create tailored training programs that provide learning solutions that are specific to your business needs. These programs are available for a minimum of eight students and can range from half to two day programs. To discuss dates and prices please contact us at the BLSC.

The benefits to your company include:

  • A truly unique and immersive program that wil leave a lasting impression
  • Greater flexibility around program and delivery options
  • Opportunities to integrate company specific processes, policy or content
  • Opportunities to incorporate team and organisational cultural building activities
  • Cross fertilisation of ideas and innovations between cohorts that may otherwise work independently
  • The ability to test policies, procedures and operating systems in a safe simulated environment
  • The ability to directly apply and enhance learning in our simulated workplace.
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