Our industry

The building and construction industry is the most important sector in Victoria, delivering significant employment, Gross State Product (GSP) and taxation revenue.

We are responsible for delivering the homes, roads, transport, parks, hospitals, schools and aged-care facilities necessary for Victorians to maintain the living standards that they have come to expect.

The construction sector is the fourth largest employer in the state, generating about 296,800 jobs. Around 257,500 construction jobs are full-time jobs, making the industry the largest full-time employer in the state.

The sector continues to make a significant economic contribution to the GSP, accounting for about 7.7 per cent of the state’s total goods and services produced in FY 2017/18, or $32.8 billion measured in dollar value. This makes it the second largest sector in terms of economic output. 

The State Government relies heavily on income from the property sector: land transfers account for more than 40 per cent of Victoria’s tax revenue. This reliance highlights that it is imperative for the government to support the sector through policy initiatives.

There were 104,031 firms in the Victorian construction industry at the end of June 2018, or 16.8 per cent of the 618,189 businesses within the state. This makes construction the largest industry by number of firms.

Master Builders is the peak body representing a range of stakeholders in Victoria’s building and construction industry. Our 8000 members include suppliers and manufacturers, commercial and residential builders, tradespeople and apprentices. Through regular engagement with government, we represent and lobby on behalf of our members and the industry as a whole.