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Membership of Master Builders Victoria

We know that the building and construction industry is full of everchanging complexity, that’s why we pride ourselves on providing the right solutions to support you throughout your whole career.

When you are a Master Builder, the Master Builders team is your support squad. It's our business to help yours grow.

The Master Builders team is here to empower you to build a better future.  Master Builders members enjoy support and services including OHS, IR, legal, builders registration assistance, insurance, permits, training, awards, finance, loans and more.

Join today! To take advantage of the specialist services, products and discounts that are available exclusively for Master Builders members, call our team on (03) 9411 4555 or complete the online enquiry form below.

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Why become a Master Builder?

As leaders of the industry we are equipped with the skills and passion needed to support our members and create a thriving building and construction industry geared for growth and prosperity.

Helping you grow your business

Becoming a Master Builder positions you and your business alongside thousands of other members committed to building excellence, and connects you with builders and consumers throughout Victoria.

Endless support with specialist advice

Every day, our specialist advice service helps our members through advice relating to legal, OHS and financial issues, IR guidance, building and permits, builder registration and more.

Enhanced learning experiences

Select from an extensive range of courses, training and workshops to extend your skill sets and rapidly advance your career with our award-winning training services.

What our members say

"They’re very thorough and they’ve got the members’ best interest at heart. There’s no stone left unturned as to something that could go wrong."

- Tony Johnson, Johnson Homes

"I just buy the contracts from the Geelong Master Builders office. It’s handy having the regional office, I can also buy the site signs. I get all of them done through Master Builders."

- Mark Altmann, Altmann Constructions
Member Steven Marasea

"Builder Registration Assistance - The Master Builders Victoria has been a great help throughout this entire process. I would definitely recommend anyone in the industry to join."

- Steven Marasea