BLSC Evolution

Simulation learning for the building and construction industry originated in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, more than a decade ago. Its overwhelming success led to the opening of a second centre in the United Kingdom at Coventry.

Having witnessed the success of simulation training in Europe, Master Builders committed to bring the technology to Australia so that local businesses across the country could access a world-leading business solution.

The Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC) is the product of this commitment. It is the centrepiece of our efforts to deliver new ways for building and construction companies to strengthen their business.

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Only one of three of its kind in the world

What We Do

Learning by doing, our participants immediately have the opportunity to apply, practice and refine new skills. They are then expertly coached through an individual feedback and critical reflection process by our skilled observers.

In contrast to conventional training or workplace learning, a controlled simulation environment is SAFE; it accelerates learning through the immediate application of skills and knowledge. This dramatically improves learning retention while eliminating the risks inherent in a real-world setting, such injury, cost and damage to future business.

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Decreases in OHS incidents of up to 90 per cent.

Reductions in construction costs of up to 5 per cent

Improvements in construction quality of up to 10 per cent


Staff Profiles

Corrie Williams Image

Corrie Williams Director, Master Builders Training Institute

Corrie provides oversight of the Master Builders Training Institute. This includes the areas of training (both RTO and BLSC), as well as Careers and Builder Registration.


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