Our story

Master Builders Victoria was established in 1875 by a group of distinguished builders intent on raising standards within the industry.

Since that time the organisation has grown to become a pre-eminent industry voice with members universally renowned for their reliability, skill and professionalism.

A broad based organisation, Master Builders services the needs of the entire industry, from residential to commercial and engineering businesses, principal contractors to subcontractors, tradies, manufacturers and suppliers.

We continually assist in developing the skills of our members by providing access to a wide range of services, an impressive degree of recognition, as well as representation to government and industry. 

What is a Master Builder?

Master Builders are held to the highest industry standards. To become a Master Builder, members are required to undergo a series of stringent checks.

 We strongly encourage those members with the necessary knowledge and experience to become a Registered Building Practitioner. Only those members with Victorian Building Authority (VBA) registration can call themselves a Master Builder.

 A Master Builder is proud, respected and constantly developing their craft. They are self employed builders and building and construction companies. Master Builders are companies, big and small, residential and commercial, and subcontractors and have built many of the most well recognised buildings in Victoria.

 A Master Builder is different from other builders. A Master Builder is highly regarded by consumers reflecting high standards and professionalism.

 Is your builder a Master Builder?

Meet some Master Builders

Lyons Construction Commercial builder

You can’t talk about the Geelong building industry without mentioning Lyons Construction

Larkin and Drought Homes Housing builder

Dynamic duo Drew Larkin and Craig Drought are a fine example of Master Builders getting the most out of their membership.

Member testimonials

"I love the fact that I can just ring someone and ask a question about wages or something and they just send me an email with information to answer my questions straight away."

- Davin Bake, builder
Member Steven Marasea

"Builder Registration Assistance - The Master Builders Victoria has been a great help throughout this entire process. I would definitely recommend anyone in the industry to join."

- Steven Marasea

"The support that I received during my time at Master Builders was above what I expected. The trainers were always willing to listen to any questions and the staff were always happy to assist."

- Vanessa Borg, Certificate IV in Building student

Master Builders awards

Strategic imperatives

Our strategic imperatives guide everything we do:


Our empowered people and innovative systems deliver outstanding performance.


Our voice and leadership drive positive change.


Our members' and customers' success is our success.


Our communication and relationships deliver value.

Our people

The Master Builders executive team represents decades of dedication and experience working in corporate governance and operations.

Geoff Purcell Director, Kane Constructions Pty Ltd

Lisa Hollingsworth Senior Executive, Latrobe Building Services Pty Ltd

Greg Cole Managing Director, Nuform Steel Fabrications Pty Ltd

Matt Gilmour Construction Manager, APM Group (Aust) Pty Ltd

Director, Stuart Allen Building

Mark Phillips State Sales Manager – Builders, Bunnings Group Limited

Dani Bartolini Business Development Manager, Rock Up Group Pty Ltd

Director, Home Inspections for a Better Peace of Mind

Geoff PurcellKane Constructions Pty Ltd

Matt GilmourAPM Group (Aust) Pty Ltd

Hansen Yuncken

Dale KennedyHarris HMC

John Lehmann Becon Constructions Aust. Pty Ltd

Ashely LevinWolf Construction Australia Pty Ltd

Michael ClemengerBuilt Environs Pty Ltd

Lisa HollingsworthLatrobe Building Services Pty Ltd

Rebecca BishopElite Building Services (Vic) Pty Ltd

Nancy ItalianoAcustruct Builders and Developers

Angela PerryGuardian Property Inspections

Greg ColeNuform Steel Fabrications Pty Ltd

Dani BartoliniRock Up Group Pty Ltd

Alexander CrosbyMultiworks Australia Pty Ltd

Angela StevensonDanlaid Contracting Pty Ltd

Ashley Tonkin-HillWagstaff Piling Pty Ltd

Dean DannockDowner Group

Nigel CunniffeAus Struct Services Pty Ltd

Stuart Allen Building

Gaz KingGaz King Builder Pty Ltd

Mark LittleLittle Constructions

Ross O NeillVR Builders

Lisa PaddleCavalier Homes Albury Wodonga Pty Ltd

Hedger Constructions Pty Ltd

Mark Phillips Bunnings Group Limited

Luke HurleyOrigin Energy Services Limited

Lawrence PigotAlta Brands/Edwood Workwear

Leon QuinnTilling Timber Pty Ltd

Brenton RussoMultipanel Pty Ltd

Home Inspections for a Better Peace of Mind

Brickit Mark Pty Ltd

Master Sheds and Constructions Pty Ltd

Hunter Carpentry

House & Garden Presentations

VLG Pty Ltd

Karison Homes Pty Ltd

Michaela Lihou Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Giovanni Abelardo Executive Director, People & Member Services

Tristan Moseley Executive Director, Commercial & Corporate, Chief Legal Counsel | Company Secretary

Corrie Williams - MBV Executive Director, Collaboration and Innovation Executive Director, Collaboration and Innovation

Stuart Allen Building
Gaz King Builder Pty Ltd
Little Constructions Pty Ltd
VR Builders
Cavalier Homes Albury Wodonga Pty Ltd
Hedger Constructions Pty Ltd
APM Group (Aust.) Pty Ltd
Kane Constructions Pty Ltd
Built Environs Pty Ltd
Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd
Harris HMC Construction Pty Ltd
Becon Constructions Aust. Pty Ltd
Wolf Construction Australia Pty Ltd
Latrobe Building Services Pty Ltd
Elite Building Services (Vic) Pty Ltd
Acustruct Builders and Developers
Guardian Property Inspections
Bunnings Group Limited
Origin Energy Services Limited
ELWD (Elwood Workwear)
Tilling Timber Pty Ltd
Multipanel Pty Ltd
Casafico Pty Ltd
Nuform Steel Fabrications Pty Ltd
Rock Up Group Pty Ltd
Multiworks Australia Pty Ltd
Aus Struct Services Pty Ltd
Downer Group
Danlaid Contracting Pty Ltd
Wagstaff Piling Pty Ltd
Home Inspections for a Better Peace of Mind
Howard Hunter
VLG Pty Ltd
Karison Homes Pty Ltd
The Trustee for Shironda Trust
Master Sheds and Constructions Pty Ltd
Brickit Mark Pty Ltd

Master Builders Victoria - Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Master Builders Victoria has officially launched its first Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan or RAP. 

The building and construction sector is one of the top employers for working-age First Nations peoples, so we believe the onus is on MBV to lead this broader change. 

Promoting reconciliation aligns with MBV's values and purpose of driving positive change and empowering people to build a better future.  

This public document, which Reconciliation Australia accredited in late July 2022, states MBV's practical, meaningful, and measurable steps to sustainably and strategically advance reconciliation.  

We know that real change must occur to tackle inequality and racism and to build strong relationships between First Nations peoples and non-indigenous Australians. 

MBV aims to do its bit by contributing to advancing reconciliation internally and within our broader sector.  

A core component of MBV's RAP is a desire to develop an industry education initiative about the importance of protecting and managing Aboriginal cultural heritage. 

Through MBV's industry education initiative, we aim to collaborate with crucial First Nations organisations and businesses to develop and disseminate appropriate learning materials about Aboriginal cultural heritage.   

We hope it can further increase our collective awareness of people and Country, particularly given our sector's core activities directly impact the lands under the custodianship of First Nations peoples for more than 60,000 years.  

Now that our first RAP has been launched, we plan to continue educating our organisation, our members, and the wider building and construction industry.

To view the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, click here.

Every two days, an Australian builder or construction worker takes their own life. Furthermore, construction workers are six times more likely to die from suicide than an accident at work and one in five Australian workers is likely to be experiencing a mental health issue at any one time – that figure rises to one in four among construction workers.

These confronting facts are both deeply disturbing and preventable. Our members have highlighted the importance of mental health in our industry and asked for our help, compelling us to recognise our place in that support network. As a large member organisation, we have a range of ‘touch points’ with builders, enabling us to open that imperative dialogue on mental health awareness.

For more information about how our OHS department can help you with mental health contact us on (03) 9411 4555.
If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, contact beyondblue on 1300 224 636.

Established in 2010, the Building and Construction Foundation has been instrumental in nurturing the careers of young apprentices and those in the early stages of their careers in the building and construction industry. The Foundation has awarded over 110 scholarships, providing more than $230,000 of financial assistance for training and tools.

We look forward to continuing that support.

Click here to learn more about applying for a scholarship or making a tax-deductible donation to the Building and Construction Foundation.

"If you have goals to go further in the industry, you may as well go for a scholarship because it will help you make that next step.”

"The $10,000 went a long way towards getting my license, otherwise it would have been hard to afford a diploma, get a good computer and software as an apprentice let alone get registered.”

Devin Grant, Granted Constructions (Foundation Scholarship winner 2013 and Master Builders Apprentice of the Year 2011)