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Security of Payment over the holidays

Any payment claim must be met with a payment schedule within 10 business days.

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Master Builders’ response to the ABCB Accessible..

In September 2018 the ABCB published the Accessible Housing Project’s Options Paper

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Court issues second personal payment order..

Victorian CFMMEU official Joe Myles has received his second personal payment order in four months.

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FWC rejects CFMMEU jurisdictional challenge on Westgate Tunnel site allowance...

The FWC’s decision reflects Master Builders’ clear and unambiguous understanding that the intention has always been for Dispute Panel decisions (including on...

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Andrews Government’s election provides opportunities for further engagement...

Master Builders congratulates Daniel Andrews on his election victory and looks forward to working with his government and ministers to make Victoria an unrivaled...

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Master Builders adds Commercial Cost Plus contract (CCP1)

Master Builders has recently added to its suite of building contracts, the Commercial Cost Plus Contract (CCP1).

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Advertising material for domestic builders: clarification from the VBA

Master Builders has asked for clarification from the VBA on what a ‘written statement’ might be and how far the rules apply. We have now received their Position...

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Building approvals show uptick in apartments for Greater Melbourne

The latest ABS data on Victorian building approvals by region for September 2018 has been released.

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Density is inevitable; planning for it is vital

On the road to maturity, it helps to learn from those who have tread a similar path, avoid their missteps and have a commonsense plan for getting bigger and handling...

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