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Frontyard: Built’s pro bono work on an..

‘Frontyard’ as it is commonly known, is a kind of emergency room and social triage facility for people who have a desperate need for a place.

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VCAT decision on Lacrosse Tower apportions..

VCAT has made its determination on the decision in relation to LU Simon Builders and the presence of aluminium composite panelling on Lacrosse Tower.

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Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution..

The Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) Fund application round for 2019-20 has opened (with key dates outlined below).

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Frontyard: Built’s pro bono work on an extraordinary project

This building, occupied by the mission’s Frontyard Youth Services, had been undergoing a radical remodelling to better cater to the needs of Melbourne’s young...

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VCAT decision on Lacrosse Tower apportions responsibility for aluminium...

VCAT assessed responsibility across a broad spectrum of participants and found that LU Simon Pty Ltd did not fail to exercise reasonable care in the construction...

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Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) 2019-20 funding round –...

The GAIC fund is designed to help fund essential state infrastructure where it is needed most – in Melbourne’s fastest growing suburbs in the seven major growth...

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Infrastructure Australia update: more infrastructure projects / pro-density...

In its latest update, Infrastructure Australia provided a review of 2018 and the planned national infrastructure projects and initiatives for the year, including...

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Master Builders adds Commercial Cost Plus contract (CCP1)

Master Builders has recently added to its suite of building contracts, the Commercial Cost Plus Contract (CCP1).

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Density is inevitable; planning for it is vital

On the road to maturity, it helps to learn from those who have tread a similar path, avoid their missteps and have a commonsense plan for getting bigger and handling...

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