The Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR) is seeking feedback on the Local Jobs First Act 2003 and the associated Local Jobs First policy. This includes a focus on compliance and enforcement of Local Industry Development Plans (LIDPs), including considering changes to the role of the Local Jobs First Commissioner.

If you or someone in your team has experience preparing the Local Industry Development Plans for tenders, we would appreciate your feedback. MBV is preparing a submission and is seeking feedback in the following areas: 

1. Challenges and strategies: What common challenges do you face in meeting LIDP commitments during project delivery, and how do you address them?

2. Policy updates for supplier compliance: How do you propose updates to the Act or policy to better support supplier compliance in overcoming challenges?

3. Experiences and feasibility of enforcement: What are your current experiences with the enforcement of LIDP commitments, and do you see individual commitments becoming enforceable by the Commissioner, either through legislative changes or alternative mechanisms?

4.Practical issues and reform design: What practical issues in project tendering, delivery, monitoring, and reporting do you consider crucial in the design of reforms to achieve more effective enforcement of LIDPs?

We are happy to receive written or verbal feedback. Please contact the MBV policy and industry collaboration team on (03) 9411 4555 or [email protected]. You are also welcome to submit feedback directly to DJSIR here.