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Encourage your apprentice to take part in..

Do you employ a carpentry apprentice? If you do, encourage them to take part in Worldskills.

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Have your say: Better Apartments in Neighbourhoods..

DEWLP recently announced the release of the Better Apartments in Neighbourhoods Discussion Paper.

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Reducing exposure to silica dust

The exposure standard for crystalline silica, or silica dust, has been halved from 1.0mg/m3 to 0.05mg/m3.

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First Home Loan Deposit Scheme snapshot

From 1 January 2020, the federal government will guarantee 15 per cent of the mortgages for first-home buyers who have been able to save only 5 per cent of the property’s...

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Monthly economic snapshot—July 2019

The first MBA monthly economic snapshot is now available for July 2019.

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Cladding: Action taken by Master Builders Victoria

As much as we try to shape the stories they tell, Master Builders Victoria does not control the media. It is hard to combat sensationalist headlines, particularly...

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Victorian government announces $600 million package for cladding rectification...

We welcome today’s announcement by the Victorian government of a $600 million package to support cladding rectification works, to be overseen by a new agency,...

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New financial year, new apprentice? New incentives may help.

The Australian government has announced new incentives to support employers and their apprentices, aimed at supporting job creation and skills development.

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It may be a great time to make a dent in your mortgage

The new financial year and the interest rate drops signal a great time to review your home loans and make a significant dent in their size and term.

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