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Industry survey: workforce supply and quality..

This survey aims to understand the current landscape and critical challenges facing businesses in the industry.

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Signs of stabilisation in building approvals..

Quarterly residential building approvals continue to be sluggish into the third quarter of 2019, despite modest a increase for September.

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Hot works exclusions: not all contract works..

One coverage difference that can lead to uninsured losses is in relation to welding or ‘hot works’.

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Cracking down on owner-builders

In 2016, a range of measures was introduced to crack down on owner-builders. These included a restriction of one owner-builder project every five years

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Employers of apprentices needed for pilot project

Master Builders values your expertise and experience with apprentices and is seeking your input for the new Apprenticeships and Traineeships Completions Pilot Project.

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Unexpected demand for new dispute resolution body

The new Domestic Building Disputes Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) has received more than 5200 applications since it was launched in April 2017, far exceeding the initial...

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Progress payments and method b: don’t get caught out

The recent Court of Appeal decision of Imerva Corporation Pty Ltd v Kuna [2017] VSCA 168 (“Imerva v Kuna”)

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How Master Builders’ Legal Department helped a young builder thrive

JAD Homes Managing Director, Julian Dall ‘Olio had big career goals at an early age. As a young builder with an aspiration of becoming a building developer

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Is it a defect or damage?

When things go wrong in building it can often become challenging to differentiate between defective work and damage.

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