Skills shortages are one of the major issues for our industry today and into the future. Master Builders is working to be part of the solution on multiple fronts.

Along with our strong advocacy and awareness program with government, Master Builders is working with Jobs Victoria on a pilot program to encourage young people into the building industry and give them opportunities to develop their skill.

Some of the key facts

  • The Youth Employment Program is a joint pilot with Master Builder and Jobs Victoria
  • We have 150 pre-screened and site-ready jobseekers looking to enter our industry
  • Jobs sought include entry-level, onsite roles such as trades assistants, construction assistants and skilled labourers

Employees will receive training in White Card, working safely at heights, customer service and technical skills as well as direct support from field officers.

How can Master Builders’ members and other construction employers help?

The program is about developing the kinds of quality work practices that young people can take with them throughout their careers. That’s why training with a Master Builder is such a good opportunity. We’re reaching out to employers seeking staff entry-level, onsite roles who support training for young people and see the value in investing time in job seekers.

How will employers be supported?

You may be eligible for wage subsidies of up to $10,000. To help you coach your new worker, you’ll also receive quality professional development training at our state-of-the-art Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC) on mentoring and other skill development techniques.

Contact Ingrid Mountford, Careers Manager on (03) 9411 4588 or email
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