As part of our response to the Victorian Government’s decision to introduce the criminal offence of ‘workplace manslaughter’ into the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act), Master Builders Victoria agreed to participate in the Workplace Manslaughter Implementation Taskforce (the Taskforce). Participation on the taskforce is an example of our continuing commitment to best practice workplace safety, and our objective was to seek to ensure that changes to existing law does not serve to compromise safety outcomes.

As part of the Taskforce process, Master Builders Victoria, together with several other stakeholders, raised key concerns with aspects of the proposed changes, including those relating to who will be covered by the proposed new offence. You can access a copy of our submission here.

Master Builders Victoria remains concerned that some of the fears of our members have not been heard by the Taskforce. The process was rushed, very little time was provided to analyse papers before meetings and some issues that were not listed as ‘non-negotiable’ appear to have been just that. Master Builders Victoria is in the process of raising these concerns with Government.

With the Taskforce meetings now concluded, Master Builders Victoria will continue to engage with members and other stakeholders, including Members of Parliament, in the lead-up to a bill being introduced. A strategic campaign is being developed and deployed to try and address those concerns that have not been heard by Government.

We will continue to keep you informed of developments.