Today, version two of the guidelines for employers and workers to assist them to manage any potential threat of COVID-19 have been released. For our industry to stay safe and open, everyone needs to observe these guidelines.

The guidelines reflect the best practice document issued by the state government on Sunday – and have been further developed by a united group of industry associations and unions, with guidance and assistance of the Victorian Building Industry Disputes Panel – which is part of the Treasurer’s Building Industry Consultative Council.

Importantly, these guidelines have also been informed by relevant Government authorities including WorkSafe and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Interest and input into the document has been considerable and is testimony to everyone’s commitment to provide as much clarity and guidance to the building and construction industry as possible. While some suggestions did not fall within the brief of this document, they will be picked up in other appropriate forums.

Nevertheless, since the development of the first version of the guidelines, there has been much discussion over alimaks/hoists/lifts. The words in the updated guidelines reflect advice from both DHHS, WorkSafe and others.  Please note that WorkSafe will shortly be issuing draft guidance on this matter, which will be subject to stakeholder consultation.

We appreciate that there are still matters which require attention. Rest assured that these will continue to be worked through and, where possible, updated in the next version of the guidelines.
We know that building and construction sites are very complex – and it’s a huge adjustment. However, please continue your great work to manage the potential threat of COVID-19 on sites. It is wonderful to see that many of our members have responded so positively; site amenities are being redesigned, social distancing policies are being implemented, hygiene leaders are providing guidance, multiple start and finish times are being used.
If you have any questions please contact Master Builders Victoria on (03) 9411 4555.

See the revised guidelines.