We present Version 3 of the Building and Construction Industry Guidelines for your information. These Guidelines have been adopted and agreed by the Victorian Building and Construction Unions and Employer and Industry Associations. The Guidelines have also been endorsed by the Building Industry Consultative Council. These Guidelines are regularly updated to reflect changes resulting from Government announcements, directions of the Victorian Chief Health Officer and best practices.

The purpose of these Guidelines for the Building and Construction industry in Victoria is to:

  • Provide direction to employers and workers
  • Outline the steps to be taken to best provide a safe and healthy environment
  • Identify the action available in the event of interruption to building and construction work, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Version 3 is a variation of the same theme. It is unlikely to require significant changes in how you operate currently under version 2. It is more about providing greater clarity and detail around some areas in which there was either some confusion or a lack of detail. It also continues to consider what else will assist workers to stay safe on-site.

Some of the key changes to version 3 include:

Workforce mapping – Employers should implement processes to enable tracing of those who have come into contact with the confirmed case. They need to be able to produce a record of:

  • the day and time work was undertaken
  • members of teams that worked together
  • specific work area on the construction site any breaks taken, including time and location.

Personnel hoists – Some additional controls in hoists and for hoist operators where it is not possible to implement physical distancing measures.

Travel – For travelling in vehicles ensure that there is only 1 passenger for a single-cab vehicle plus driver. For dual-cab vehicles, 1 passenger in the front and 1 passenger in the back plus driver.

Vulnerable workers – Where practical reasonable action should be taken to minimise vulnerable workers (older workers and those with compromised immune systems) from conducting higher-risk roles.

Cleaning and disinfecting – Further guidance and a checklist for any the employer/principal who needs to undertake a cleaning and disinfection regime following a confirmed case on site.

We suggest you read through these updated Guidelines and you can access a copy here. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact Master Builders Victoria and we will assist you in both understanding and implementing these on your site.

We know it’s a lengthy document, so we have also included a two-page summary poster of the Guidelines in order to provide you with a simple, easy-to-read overview of the Guidelines that you can print and display in your workplaces. You can access a copy of the poster here.

We would like to congratulate all our members on the excellent job they have been doing to maintain safety on sites in a challenging environment. With only two confirmed cases on-site in Victoria, these guidelines are protecting our workers and our industry. This is due to the hard work and massive effort of our members.

Click here for Version 3 of the Building and Construction Industry Guidelines.

Note: Master Builders Victoria has helped establish a hotline, managed by the DHHS, for assistance specific to members of the building and construction industry on 1800 675 398.