You may soon start to see communications coming from Cbus Super announcing the trialing of a new app called ‘Super Payment Checker’.

The Super Payment Checker app has been developed by Cbus and has been made available to a range of individuals to assist them with checking if a workplace is up to date with the contribution payments required by superannuation laws.

Master Builders supports efforts to innovate in our industry and to ensure correct superannuation payments are made for all employees as appropriate.

However, we have been engaging with Cbus to raise a series of concerns about the Super Payment Checker app, following a presentation made by Cbus on the app and its use, to the National Board of Master Builders Australia.

While the discussions between Master Builders and Cbus are constructive and ongoing, Master Builders has unresolved concerns including that the Super Payment Checker app is available to union delegates and that it presents an opportunity for misuse of the information it makes available, including potential data privacy concerns. At this stage, and given our concerns, Master Builders is not able to support the app or its roll-out. We therefore want to ensure our members are aware of our concerns in the event that you come into contact with the Super Payment Checker app.

The existence of this app and its development became known to Master Builders only recently, and we immediately raised a series of significant concerns. Cbus has commenced a written communication with contributing employers to provide information about the Super Payment Checker app to provide further transparency and give an opportunity for employer input.

If you wish to provide input or voice any concerns about the app’s pilot directly to Cbus, you can do so by contacting them at Alternatively, if you have any concerns about the app or think you’ve seen a problem with it, please contact the Master Builders Victoria industrial relations team on (03) 9411 4555.