MBV has produced a Condensation Factsheet in response to increasing information requests from our members regarding concerns about condensation in clients’ homes. As the thermal performance and airtightness of homes and apartments improves, excess moisture generated by everyday activities inside such as drying cloths, washing and even breathing can trap this moisture.

Warm air holds more moisture as a gas (vapour) which condenses to a liquid on cold surfaces such as windows which are in contact with cold outside air. It is not necessarily the result of water leaking in.

Activities in the home may typically produce in excess of 20 litres of water vapour per day. This can lead to poor indoor air quality and even mould. One of the biggest contributors to condensation inside the home is occupant behaviour. For example drying cloths inside in winter adds moisture to the air as they dry and because windows and doors are left closed the moisture has nowhere to escape.

To obtain a copy of the fact sheet click here.