Following advocacy from Master Builders Victoria, the Victorian Government and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) will now offer assistance to building practitioners experiencing hardship due to restrictions by exempting them from fee payment in certain circumstances.

If you are lodging an application for registration, completing your annual fee and insurance process or lodging an application to renew your registration, you may be exempt from paying a fee if one of the following circumstances applies to you:

  • Your employer is entitled to a Jobkeeper payment on your behalf; or
  • You are personally entitled to a Jobkeeper payment; or
  • You qualify for a Jobseeker payment.

The exemption applies to fees payable on and from 30 September 2020 to 30 June 2021. Building practitioners that have already been sent notices may still be eligible for the exemption if the relevant fee is payable on and from 30 September 2020.

Click here to see the full details about building fee exemption.