Industry bodies and unions from Victoria’s building, construction and development sector have today launched a new website - - to provide clear and concise COVID-19 vaccination information for their members. 

The website provides details about vaccinations, links to where workers can get vaccinated, and multilingual resources for members to promote vaccinations in 16 languages.

Master Builders Victoria CEO Rebecca Casson said the collaborative group of industry bodies and unions were supportive of vaccinations and were committed to members being able to access vaccination information conveniently.  

“This website reflects the way in which workers in our industry access information online and on their mobile. We have focused on vaccine information that is most important to our sector in a way that is easy to access and to find further government information where applicable,” Ms Casson said. 

“Importantly, we are ensuring information is available in multiple languages.  As we have done throughout the pandemic, our site posters and COVIDSafe information is available in 16 languages, and we have commissioned specialist communications advice to help us promote the importance of vaccines - and being safe on building and construction sites - in communities across Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

“This campaign and website complement the work that our collaborative group of industry bodies and unions are doing to promote vaccine uptake.  We will continue to support each other and encourage vaccination so that we can keep our worksites COVIDSafe and open.” 

Victorian State Secretary of the CFMEU John Setka said this was another example of unions and industry bodies working together to keep the building and construction sector open and keep workers in jobs.  

“It’s important that members have access to clear and concise information. We’ve collaborated with industry bodies to create a website that highlights important vaccine information and contains links for where our members might have more questions.  Importantly, if members have other questions, they are encouraged to talk to their GP,” Mr Setka said. 

“Unions have been promoting the importance of vaccines. It is the only way to keep our industry open and to return to full capacity on site. This website, combined with the ongoing campaign to promote vaccines, is just one of the many ways unions and industry bodies are promoting vaccinations. 

“Many people in our industry are doing the right thing and, whilst we haven’t been perfect, we are proud of the way many workers have followed the rules.  Getting vaccinated is the next step, and we know our members and industry will do the right thing.”  



The construction vaccination hub website is supported by the Building Industry Group of Unions and Industry Associations (known as the “BIG1”), which comprises: 

  • Master Builders Victoria 
  • Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union
  • Master Plumbers
  • Electrical Trades Union
  • National Electrical and Communications Association
  • Australian Manufacturers Workers Union
  • Property Council of Australia
  • Civil Contractors Association 
  • Urban Development Institute Australia