Case Study

Since joining Master Builders, Mr Kousari has made the most of the products and services provided including attending multiple Member Nights. 

“You’ve just got to support the organisation that you’re a member of. Supprt the system that supports you,” he says. 

“I use all the Master Builders services. I go to all the meetings I can. You always learn something from these meetings. I find it very useful and very beneficial,” he continues.

“This is the first project I am doing under my license so Building Services has always been very helpful giving me advice, guiding me through and answering any questions I have and referring me to the right channels. Cost wise it is very good because it isn’t costing me any more than it would outside of Master Builders and the money is going back in to my membership.”


Mr Kousari has also used the Master Builders OHS department despite undertaking his own studies in OHS. 

“I have done some OHS study as part of my diploma but to implement it into actual practice is a different thing,” he explains. “I’ve called on Master Builders and OHS Manager John Darcy is going to come out and have a look at my site. He is an extremely knowledgable person and it will give me the assurance that I am doing everything by the book and in accordance with the regulations and requirements.” 


Another way Master Builders has helped Mr Kousari run his business is by ensuring he now has all of his insurance matters in order. 

“I have all of my insurances through MBA Insurance Services. I found them very helpful, I made enquiries and someone always got back to me quickly, the price is very competitive, if anything I’m saving money and another thing is that at least I know I am insuring with a reputable organisation,” he says.

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