TPG Telecom has announced a new strategic technology partnership with Master Builders Victoria (MBV) to lead their digital transformation.

As TPG Telecom positions itself as a key technology partner for small and medium businesses, the new partnership will utilise the telco’s infrastructure, reach, innovation, and connectivity solutions to empower MBV to grow.

Under the new partnership, TPG Telecom will provide MBV with a network security solution led by its recently launched SD-WAN solution and powered by TPG’s national fibre infrastructure.

The combined TPG Telecom and Fortinet secure SD-WAN offering will solve important network security challenges, offer end-to-end network visibility and service reliability.

It is an ideal solution to provide businesses greater flexibility, improve productivity and increase network performance

TPG’s Telecom’s General Manager, Customer Sales and Solutions, Chris Russo, said the company was excited to enter this new partnership with MBV as it looked to be the telco partner of choice for small and medium businesses across Australia.

“MBV is an organisation with such a rich history. With a growing member base, they are renowned for their reliability, skill and professionalism as they service the needs of the entire industry,” Ms Russo said.

“Our technology solutions can assist in growing their membership base and empower them in delivering on their strategic goals for 2022 and beyond.

“As an agile and flexible telco that is a market leader in customer service for small and medium businesses, we have worked with MBV to tailor a comprehensive technology solution. We also have fast delivery capability driven through our automation investment enabling us to provide a 3-day branch wireless implementation guarantee to MBV.

“As TPG Telecom moves into a new era of delivering security-based solutions to customers, this new strategic partnership with MBV demonstrates what we can enable for the wider market – a security-led technology solution that is industry-leading in capability and support.”

MBV is the leading voice of the building and construction industry, with ambitions to grow further.

TPG Telecom recognizes that the building and construction sector is a key driver for economic growth within our society and TPG Telecom’s diverse range of products can streamline business operations to ensure that technology is an enabler for the industry, allowing it to stay connected.

Master Builders Victoria CEO Rebecca Casson said MBV was pleased to partner with TPG Telecom to help the organisation service its members faster and more efficiently.

“We are excited by the technology solution put forward from TPG Telecom. As an organisation, we are looking to enhance the experience of our current membership base and use technology to drive membership growth,” Ms Casson said.

“TPG Telecom will provide a single point of contact for both network and security support along with a flexible network that can be scalable as required.

“Ultimately, we were impressed with TPG Telecom’s agility and investment in automation and are confident that they can deliver a rapid and seamless technology solution across our business.”