This Sunday, Master Builders Victoria wants to see the next step of the COVID-19 Roadmap fully implemented, immediately.

This week our thoughts and efforts have been directed towards small scale construction including those mum and dad builders and tradespeople with stalled indoor renovations projects, who are still not permitted to work. Despite this, they have received no support from the Government’s business support fund, as our industry has been ruled ineligible.

Mum and dad builders and tradespeople are the lifeblood of our economy, they are the ones hurting the most right now, and they need urgent assistance.  We know our members are doing everything they can to keep people employed – including apprentices - and to remain optimistic, but many cannot hold on much longer. 

The safety measures that our industry has put in place have worked and continue to work. Our sector hasn’t seen a single case on building sites for weeks. 

For this, the builders, tradespeople and workers who are permitted to work, must take full credit. They’ve adapted proactively since March, followed rules and have made our industry COVIDSafe. The commitment our industry has shown to be COVIDSafe is undeniable, even implementing a campaign that has seen messaging translated from English into 15 further languages.

Our industry doesn’t need time to plan or scale up, we’re ready to go to 100% now and our track record proves that.

It is time for the State Government to trust those working in small scale construction and indoor renovations to operate in a COVIDSafe way – just like they proactively and successfully did in March.