Master Builders Victoria welcomes the State Government’s decision today to allow outdoor building and maintenance works to recommence in occupied premises, a positive move forward for thousands of small building and construction industry businesses.

The requirements state that work must be carried out by businesses with a registered ABN and must only be undertaken outdoors with a maximum of five people on site, together with an additional supervisor, and where appropriate COVID-19 physical distancing can be maintained.

Types of outdoor work on occupied premises typically covered by this decision include:
• Home renovations and installations, such as pools and decking.
• Outdoor maintenance, such as landscaping and painting.
• Home solar panels, including outdoor work and roof cavities.

However, our thoughts and efforts are focussed on small scale construction including those mum and dad builders and tradespeople with stalled indoor renovations projects who are still not permitted to work – including in regional Victoria.

These small businesses are the lifeblood of the Victorian economy and have received no financial support, which is now vital - especially since the JobKeeper program ceased operating. We hope that the Federal Government will consider supporting these workers’ wages during their time of need.

We know our members are doing everything they can to keep people employed – including apprentices - but many cannot hold on for much longer – some not even during the next 7 days of lockdown.