Master Builders Victoria CEO Rebecca Casson:


“As of today, the vast majority of the building and construction industry in Victoria will not be able to go on to worksites.


“The few worksites that are exceptions and will continue are critical infrastructure projects – road projects like the M80 Ring Road and Monash Freeway upgrades.


“There will be exceptions made for emergency housing repairs, and builders are also allowed to carry out work required to make their sites safe and secure, prior to closing the site.


“This represents the harshest lockdown our industry has experienced during the pandemic. And, for the first time, our wider industry will be almost completely stopped. It’s a step beyond the Stage 4 restrictions we endured through much of 2020.


“This is incredibly disappointing, especially given our sector’s very strong safety record. And, if this lockdown was to go on any longer than five days, there would be catastrophic economic ramifications.


“We urge everyone in our industry to follow the rules over the coming days, so we are best-placed to open back up on Thursday.


“In the meantime, Master Builders Victoria is working with our members through this difficult period. We’d advise all in our industry to check our website for further updates.”




For more information call Shannon Gill, Master Builders Victoria Media & Communications Manager on 0409 985 428.