Master Builders Victoria has noted the resignation of Victorian Building Authority CEO, Sue Eddy.

Ms Eddy has stood down from her role with the building regulator effective immediately.

Master Builders Victoria CEO (Interim) Michaela Lihou wished Ms Eddy well with her future endeavours.

“Regardless of who is leading the organisation, MBV believes the industry needs a well-resourced regulator, in order for it to fully undertake and deliver its responsibilities to both the industry and the public.”

“We believe – and have argued in our forthcoming Budget submission to the State Government – that the VBA deserves more resourcing and support, and we certainly hope that whoever takes over Ms Eddy’s role receives the appropriate resources and staff to improve the shortfalls that the VBA has suffered.”

Ms Lihou said it was important that the Victorian public remained confident in the building industry that, despite facing ongoing supply, trade and skill shortages, and price rises, was maintaining its resilience.

“We certainly hope the VBA leadership issue is resolved as quickly as practical to allow this important organisation to get back to undertaking its very significant role as efficiently as possible.”

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