Today, Employer Associations and Unions have taken additional action to increase the levels of protection for building and constructions sites, in line with the State Government’s announcements in relation to the wearing of masks.

Over the next week, Employer Associations and Unions will jointly encourage the entire industry to wear masks in certain activities and undertake temperature testing on sites where practicable.

For most activities on building and construction sites, physical distancing can be maintained and has been. Therefore, so far, there has been very few cases of COVID-19 on sites.

However, like the rest of our community, there has been an increase in cases with the recent escalation of community transmission of the virus. Employer Associations and Unions worked together to act swiftly in the first wave of COVID-19, and we are acting swiftly again.

Most of these initiatives won’t be visible to the general public as the activities are internal to many sites, such as travelling in lifts and working in confined spaces.

Like everyone else in our community, the message for everyone in our industry, whether they be a worker, a supervisor, a manger or owner, now is the time to re-group and strengthen the measures to keep COVID-19 off sites.

The building and construction industry is the backbone of our economy and we will continue to work with the State Government to keep the hundreds of business viable and the many thousands of workers employed.


Guidelines for mask and temperature testing click here

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