Master Builders Victoria (MBV) has welcomed the Department of Transport and Planning’s (DTP) next step in developing a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework for registered building practitioners and licensed and registered plumbers in Victoria.

The CPD framework is designed to enhance confidence that all practitioners are competent in their building and plumbing work, by ensuring they maintain and develop their professional knowledge and skills.

The Department for Transport and Planning released its initial consultation paper on CPD in 2020 and since then, has been developing options for potential requirements for building and plumbing practitioners in Victoria.

It has since developed a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS), which analyses the costs and benefits of a number of CPD options and feedback is now invited on these options, until Friday, April 26, 2024.

MBV CEO Michaela Lihou said the development of mandatory CPD was an important step for an evolving building and construction industry.

“We have been advocating for the introduction of a formal CPD scheme for our industry for many years now and are pleased to have submitted our thoughts to the initial consultation paper,” she said.

“This next step which identifies three broad options for a CPD framework in Victoria, moves the discussion in the right direction and we will be submitting further feedback.”

“Clearly, we consider that a robust CPD system is important for continued safety and quality outcomes within our industry, and for registered building practitioners to maintain their skills and qualifications over time.”

The RIS - which is now open for public comment - outlines three broad options for introducing a CPD framework in Victoria, ranging from a government-directed approach, practitioner-led approach, and a combination approach mixing mandatory and self-directed learning, with options to follow an individual learning pathway or sign up to an approved industry program.

“We support the introduction of Option 3,” said Ms Lihou.

“This offers a mix of compulsory and non-compulsory subjects and we believe this option will provide quality benchmarks for key areas like technical and legislative compliance, but also provide flexibility for practitioners to study subjects that accord with their business needs.”

“I would encourage all MBV members to take a look at the RIS and have their say, and we will continue to work with the Government to do what we can to support a positive and effective outcome.”