Master Builders Victoria CEO Rebecca Casson today congratulated the Victorian Government on its budget that sees major infrastructure investment around the state.

“The Victorian Government had indicated that the building and construction industry would be the leader of our state’s economic recovery, and this budget delivers on that vision with a projected average investment of $19.6 billion each year for the next four years in Government infrastructure. This is a record investment that is needed in these times.

“Master Builders Victoria had advocated for investment in social housing and energy efficient construction grants, and the previous announcement of significant programs in each area will create great social outcomes for the state while kick-starting our industry at a range of levels.”

“The weekend’s announcement of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link and the Geelong Fast Rail are major infrastructure builds that our industry will deliver, and we congratulate both State and Federal Government on making investments that will generate jobs in our sector while also creating lasting impact for all Victorians.”

“Today we’ve seen a range of further announcements, including an $1.9 billion in school building upgrades and $2 billion worth of investment in new and upgraded hospitals, community assets that our industry will build as leader of this recovery.”

“In training and skills, the revamp of the VCAL program is welcomed, while the Big Build Apprenticeship Model and apprenticeship growth funding will help support the future of our industry.

“We also advocated for relief in stamp duty to help stimulate housing investment, cutting of red tape in planning and for payroll tax relief for our mum and dad builders – there have been positive results in these three areas today.”

“Overall, we are pleased with the state budget handed down by the Treasurer. The Government has consulted with our industry as to how we can help the economy and our members voices have been heard.

“We know there is a long road ahead for the recovery of our industry and the entire economy. This promises to be a positive start as we look to build a better future.”