Quotes attributable to Rebecca Casson, CEO, Master Builders Victoria

Master Builders Victoria (MBV) has expressed concern with the Victorian Government’s announcement today of a Fair Jobs Code, saying it duplicates existing Federal Government laws and will increase the regulatory burden on building and construction businesses.

Promised at the 2018 State Election, the Fair Jobs Code enables the Victorian Government to use its purchasing power to encourage compliance with industrial relations and occupational health and safety laws and promote Fair Jobs Code Standards, including secure work.

MBV has consistently raised the point with the Victorian Government that the new laws are a duplication of existing requirements, including industrial, OHS laws and the Construction Supplier Register.

MBV also believes that the new Code would increase the regulatory burden on building and construction businesses when many were already struggling with daily supply chain challenges and rising material costs.

The Code will apply to businesses that perform Victorian Government threshold contracts or seek a business grant above a specific value.  

The Code introduces two new key requirements: 

  • A Fair Jobs Code Pre-Assessment Certificate. 
  • A Fair Jobs Code Plan. 

A Fair Jobs Code Pre-Assessment Certificate must be held by businesses seeking State Government contracts of $3 million or more or business expansion grants of $500,000 or more.  
For State Government contracts of $20 million or more, businesses need a Fair Jobs Code Plan in addition to the Pre-Assessment Certificate.

Any subcontractors working on State Government projects will also need a Pre-Assessment Certificate if the subcontract value exceeds $10 million. 

The State Government and relevant agencies will implement the new Code from 1 December 2022.