Master Builders Victoria (MBV) CEO Rebecca Casson has been appointed to the Board of Master Builders Insurance Brokers (MBIB) – the first female Director in the organisation’s 18-year history.

MBV President Mark Little congratulated Ms Casson on her appointment to the MBIB Board.

“This is another watershed moment for MBV as we are the first MBIB shareholder to appoint a woman to that position,” Mr Little said.

“Rebecca was the first female CEO in MBV’s 147-year history, and she will now be MBIB’s first female Director.

“Appointments like Rebecca’s help to change the culture in the building and construction industry and lay a pathway towards gender equity in key governance positions.

“The building and construction industry is open to everyone, and this appointment shows that women play a critical role in our sector.

“Greater diversity makes all workplaces stronger – and greater representation of women in building and construction will benefit everyone in our industry.”

Ms Casson’s appointment is consistent with the Victorian Government’s new Building Equality Policy, which aims to improve gender equality in the building, infrastructure, and civil engineering sectors.

"As the leading voice of Victoria’s building and construction industry, Rebecca’s appointment to the Board of MBIB further highlights MBV's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our sector,” Mr Little said.




MBIB is a general insurance brokerage owned by Australia’s Master Builders Associations and specialises in building and construction insurance.

It supports the building and construction industry by acting as an insurance broker to many of the 23,500 Master Builders members across Australia.

MBIB commenced in 2004 and is owned by seven of the Master Builders Associations around the country.

Its Board comprises a representative from each of these shareholders and is overseen by an independent Chairperson.

All profits go back to these seven Associations.

However, MBIB’s service is available to the broader building and construction industry and its participants.

Each state and territory employs specialist staff skilled in the critical areas of building and construction insurance, such as contract works, home warranty, surety bonds and more.