Case Study

Australian Gas Networks, (operated by APA Group) is a major natural gas network owner in Victoria. AGN has continued its membership and sponsorship of the Master Builders Victoria over many years based on positive results and experience in dealing with Master Builders.

The Master Builders brand is valued and trusted by its large membership base and the general public alike. AGN’s alignment with this pinnacle association is the type of alliance that speaks volumes for its own brand.

Our involvement at selected Master Builders events (metro and regional) continues to help our business to raise brand awareness for Australian Gas Networks in the building industry. This also gives us the chance to educate and promote the Natural Gas message on appliances, regulations, sustainability, innovation and safety right across the diverse Master Builders members.

Over the years high levels of participation by members at local events has added to a greater level engage for our company with its key builder stakeholder group.

Also in Victoria the Master Builders has a volunteer suppliers and manufacturers sector group available to join which provides a bigger picture of the building industry both residential and commercial which delivers another opportunity for Australian Gas Networks and the APA Group as their operator, to support for the overall building industry in Victoria.

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