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Specialist Sector Group Council of Management Nominees


The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will undertake a secret postal ballot from Wednesday 28 October 2020 for the election of Specialist Sector Group Councillors for the Council of Management.

 Only three Councillors will be elected. There are currently four candidates for the positions of Councillors.

 Eligible members in the Specialist Contractor sector groups will receive a postal ballot from the AEC at their postal address. We encourage all eligible members of the Specialist Contractor sector group to vote via the postal ballot.

 Please note that your postal votes must be received by the AEC via return post by 10am, 25 November. We recommend that you post your ballots back as soon as possible to ensure they are received on time to be counted.

To inform you of your vote, please click on the names of the following nominees for the profiles

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