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Master Builders helps you to deliver quality outcomes for your business and your clients. Through our training courses, advisory services and our Green Living Conference, our sustainability team will help you to better address tender objectives and comply with onsite environmental requirements in the commercial market.

For those building for the domestic market we will help you to build affordable housing that is light filled and more comfortable to live in, resulting in reduced energy costs with minimal environmental impact. The Green Living website provides valuable information and support for both builders and clients. Potential clients can also search for an accredited Green Living Builder.

Provision of specialist advice and support for Master Builders members including;

  • Training in sustainable construction for both domestic (Master Builder Green Living) and commercial builders
  • Master Builders Green Card – basic environmental induction training for better site management
  • Tailored onsite training for inducting contractors and all your employees
  • Onsite inspections and advice on environmental management procedures, operations and compliance (first inspection free)
  • Provision of environmental management plan templates, help with preparing environmental management plans and responding to tendering questions
  • Assistance with sourcing environmentally preferred materials and services
  • The provision of easy to follow guides.


For further information please contact Master Builders on (03) 9411 4555. 

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