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The Registration Process

There are many classes of registration that builders can apply for, including Domestic or Commercial, Limited or Unlimited. The process that the VBA will require applicants to go through is largely the same. The steps below therefor apply to all applicants.

However the VBA will focus on different skills and experience depending on the class of registration. Master Builders therefor offers specific workshops and study sessions depending on whether you are applying for a Domestic or Commercial class of registration.

The process applicants will be required to go through is as follows:


Step 1 – Put your application together

How Master Builders can help: 

  • Attend a Registration workshop to help you prepare your registration application
  • Lodge application with Master Builders Association for review


 Step 2 – Present application to the VBA

  • When complete, Master Builders can deliver  your application to the VBA for you


 Step 3 – Initial Assessment (computer based examination and technical exercises) 

  • You should receive an email proposing a date for your initial assessment*, this process may be delayed due to the Covid -19 virus
  • Attend a study session with Master Builders to help you prepare for the assessment
  • The assessment is usually approximately 2-4 weeks from the email date 
  • The initial assessment consists of a two hour exam including:
  • Computer test: 50 multiple choice questions, plus
  • 2 technical exercises.

A 70% pass mark is required in each of the computer test & technical exercises

You may be asked to bring a relevant reference, e.g. NCC and Australian Standards

Note: you must take your own printed & bound hard copy in, not on an IPad)

*Applicants who hold the prescribed qualification are usually not required to sit the initial assessment


 Step 4 – Face to Face Assessment

  • The VBA will contact you via phone and email to arrange the interview 
  • Attend a study session with Master Builders to help you prepare for the assessment 
  • The interview is generally 4 hours and is open book – We recommend you take in all relevant reference material and 2 sets of plans


Step 5 – Final Assessment (VBA assessor makes a recommendation)

  • The VBA will complete a final review of your application, test results and listen to the recording of your interview
  • The VBA assessor will make a recommendation to the VBA panel for your registration. If the assessor is recommending you gain your registration you will be asked to provide the required Insurance. (Letter of Eligibility for Domestic Building Insurance)


Step 6 – VBA Panel approves/declines your application

  • The VBA will make a decision based on all your results. If you are approved for registration the VBA will send you a confirmation email and a registration card in the mail.

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