Many members tell us that they are adept at their day-to-day jobs but find working on the computer challenging.

Because this is such a pivotal part of running a business, Master Builders Training has introduced two new courses to help you master the basic personal computer skills you’ll need to succeed: Basic PC Skills and Microsoft Office Skills, both starting in February 2014.

Throughout your working day you may be required to undertake any of the following tasks (and more):

  • Send and receive emails;
  • Create, format and print documents;
  • Create and save a simple spreadsheet;
  • Search the internet; and,
  • Understand computer related terminology.

The Basic PC Skills course is suitable for people who are both new to computers or have little experience. Alternatively, the Microsoft Office Skills course is suitable for those who may be using computers regularly in their work role, but have found they are in need of skills beyond their current level of expertise or perhaps are unfamiliar with the key features specific to Microsoft Office 2010. 

Both courses will offer hands-on training under the guidance of an experienced instructor. You will be able to practise skills relevant to your workplace and improve your knowledge and confidence around computer usage. At the completion of these courses, you will receive a comprehensive course manual covering all aspects of the courses and a VIP card giving you access to three months of help desk support.

In the future, all Master Builders training courses will require a greater level of computer literacy from participants. Going forward, our classes will also incorporate the usage of computer tablets. For those who require assistance with their computer skills before undertaking any of our other courses, we would strongly suggest undertaking one of these new courses to consolidate your computer knowledge and enhance your training experience with Master Builders.

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Trainer Chris Kulesza provides support to students during a Master Builders course: