Vehicle manufacturing giant Toyota, a company famous for the quality of its workforce, training and lean manufacturing methods, is ceasing production in Australia. This represents a significant opportunity for organisations hiring at this time; over 2700 of Australia’s most highly trained and capable employees will become available at the beginning of October.

Toyota employees with skills and experience in estimating, subcontractor management, project co-ordination, OHS, logistics and warehouse operations have been working with Master Builders to forge a new career in building and construction.

Toyota will be hosting an information session, plant tour and career fair in the coming weeks to give you the opportunity to find out more and to meet skilled job-seekers.

Whether you have just one or two positions available, or are seeking to recruit a larger number of individuals for your business, Toyota’s skilled workers may meet your needs.

If you have upcoming staffing needs that may be a match for the Toyota workforce, please contact Master Builders on (03) 9411 4555.