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Have your say: inquiry into environmental..

The Committee has invited Master Builders Victoria to provide a submission to this inquiry.

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Building the legacy of diversity in the construction..

Do you have a story to share that celebrates cultural diversity in your workplace?

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Climate Solutions Package introduces measures..

The Australian Government released its Climate Solutions Package in February.

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Mornington Marvel Named Master builder of the year

A record-breaking crowd of 900-plus saw Mornington-based family business First Impressions Projects crowned Master Builder of the Year at Crown Palladium tonight....

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Green living conference shows how technology can address housing issues

On Friday 1 September, Master Builders Association of Victoria convened its eleventh annual Green Living Conference to a sold-out audience at the Building Leadership...

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Wood solutions seminar 24 August

Timber continues to be the preeminent material in residential design and construction However, appropriate design and specification are critical in delivering innovative,...

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Coming soon: 2017 green living conference

While energy prices continue to rise, new technologies appear in response nearly every day. The Master Builders 2017 Green Living Conference, held Friday 1 September...

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Frame event outlines the future of timber construction

The future of timber construction is in the factory. For designers and builders, that means precision control over their product, huge time and cost savings in building...

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Building with timber is money in the bank

In a construction market where budgets are forever under pressure, the use of timber materials in combination with offsite construction approaches can be a genuine...

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