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Have your say: inquiry into environmental..

The Committee has invited Master Builders Victoria to provide a submission to this inquiry.

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Building the legacy of diversity in the construction..

Do you have a story to share that celebrates cultural diversity in your workplace?

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Climate Solutions Package introduces measures..

The Australian Government released its Climate Solutions Package in February.

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Introduction of the Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2018

The Victorian Government has introduced new environment protection legislation to the Victorian Parliament designed to replace the state’s current Environment...

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Keep your work site tidy and compliant

One of the quickest ways people judge a builder—intentionally or not—is by looking at their construction site. Depending on its condition, it can be a builder’s...

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Is cross-laminated timber an answer to industry change?

By Julie-Anne Sheppard Head of Strategic Projects and Business Development The construction industry has been historically slow to adapt to change. Industry acceptance...

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Insulation matters: new tools for maintaining the thermal building envelope

Insulation and air tightness are two factors with a large impact on the energy efficiency of a house and the comfort of the people living inside.

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Wood solutions seminar 24 August

Timber continues to be the preeminent material in residential design and construction However, appropriate design and specification are critical in delivering innovative,...

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Green living conference shows how technology can address housing issues

On Friday 1 September, Master Builders Association of Victoria convened its eleventh annual Green Living Conference to a sold-out audience at the Building Leadership...

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