Modular construction projects continue to increase in popularity in Australia as familiarisation increases and the benefits become increasingly obvious. The reduction of waste in both the physical form and also in the form of time, manpower, logistics and facilities were highlighted in a seminar at Master Builders in March, recently at the Frame Australia Conference and WoodSolutions Symposium in June.

Those looking at building the case for the adoption modular construction process will be further aided by the recent release by Monash University of a new Handbook for the Design of Modular Structures. This comprehensive book, which is free to download, was developed in consultation with industry experts. While it outlines design considerations for modular construction it also covers documentation,  conformance to applicable standards of building systems including HVAC, electrical and fire safety, and certification of code compliance for facade materials and systems.

Key terms and concepts are explained, relevant regulations, codes and standards are referenced and numerous illustrations, case studies and practical examples are included. Copies of the book can be downloaded here.