While energy prices continue to rise, new technologies appear in response nearly every day. The Master Builders 2017 Green Living Conference, held Friday 1 September at the BLSC, is a great way to make sure you’re aware of and understand the latest developments in building technologies, and the best ways to apply them to provide a better outcome for your client.

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This year’s themes include:
• New methods
• New materials
• New goals
• Better buildings

Opportunities for sustainable construction are multiplying rapidly, allowing building clients to live in homes that perform for them better than ever before—warm in winter, cool in summer and filled with daylight all year long. This year’s Green Living Conference features industry experts who will explain changing energy systems, the evolution of building materials and methods and correlating costs for the builder and homeowner, A question-and-answer session follows to help ensure your queries get addressed. Gain deeper knowledge on topics such as:

• Solar, gas and electricity– which fuel to use and when.
• Delivering genuine passive house projects
• Dealing with indoor air quality and condensation using heat-recovery ventilation systems
• Builders’ case studies
• What to look for when choosing high-performance windows.

This conference is sponsored by:
• Bowens
• Cbus
• Evo Building Products
• ProClima Australia
• Rylock Windows
• Stiebel Eltron
• Weathertex


Damien Moyse and Dean Lombard, The Alternative Technology Association: “Solar, gas and electricity: which fuel to use and when”
The ATA will be presenting results of its 2017 economic analysis of household fuel choice (solar, grid electricity and grid gas) and discussing the opportunities they see in advising both new and existing households on their energy management techniques.

Sven Maxa, Maxa Design: “Building high performance houses”
Sven will share his ideas and knowledge gained from building Passivhaus (passive house) projects, 10-star designs, healthy homes and everything in between. He will also bring examples of projects currently under development.

Oliver Joss, Stiebel Eltron: “Heat-recovery ventilation in insulated buildings”
Thermal insulation continues to gain popularity in Australia. An airtight structure prevents natural air exchange and makes mechanical ventilation essential in order to avoid growth of mould and damage to the building. Furthermore, a balanced ventilation system ensures heat recovery via an exchanger that transfers up to 90 per cent of the latent heat from extract air to supply air.

Stewart Prain, Rylock: “Performance parameters for assessing windows and glass doors”
Stewart will help you choose your windows by looking at a number of the thermal parameters by which windows and doors are routinely measured. Included will be definitions of common terms, performance attributes and practical applications.

Stuart Lee, Craftsmen Quality Builders: “Building a ‘passive house-plus’ house”
Stuart will share his experience with actually building a passive house, discussing techniques used and important considerations for those working on these types of projects, such as time and difficulty.

To register, or for more information about the Green Living Conference, call (03) 9411-4555 or click here.