Dear members,

Great news today, particularly for our small-scale construction and renovation members as our community moves towards the 70 per cent vaccination target. 

Once again, Master Builders Victoria (MBV) has been instrumental in securing some positive outcomes for our members and industry. 

MBV has continued to work closely with other employer associations, unions and the Victorian Government on the workforce restrictions related to building and construction projects, and particularly those related to small scale construction. 

We have been advocating for all parts of our sector to be permitted to fully open with no workforce limitations when our community reaches the 70 per cent vaccination rate. 

In exciting news for our members and industry, we have received confirmation from the Victorian Government that, from 11.59pm this Thursday:

  • The remaining workforce reductions at all building and construction sites will be removed this Thursday night once 70 per cent of the age 16 plus population has had two doses. This means: 
  • All building and construction projects (large-scale, small-scale construction, and early-stage land development projects) can return to 100 per cent of their workforce; and 
  • Workers at all building and construction sites will need to adhere to the schedule in the COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Specified Facilities) Directions, requiring them to have had their first vaccination dose by 2 October and a second vaccination dose by 13 November 2021. 
  • Previously, large-scale construction could only increase to 100 per cent capacity once 70 per cent of the 16 plus population have had two doses if all workers on site are fully vaccinated. This requirement has now been superseded by the requirement to have your second dose by 13 November 2021. Other COVIDSafe measures such as COVIDSafe Plans and COVIDSafe Marshals will still apply. 

Click here for more information.

MBV is still examining today’s changes and we continue to seek clarification on a range of issues, such as the re-opening of Display Homes, Sales Suites and Colour Selection Centres in Metro Melbourne, and what impact – if any - these latest changes may have on Metro/Regional boundary restrictions. 

Further, the travel restrictions from regional to Metro Melbourne or other Local Government Areas and vice versa are still in place. Workers on; 

  • Small-scale construction sites must be fully vaccinated to travel between these regions 
  • Large-scale sites, critical and essential infrastructure projects, or early-stage land development sites, those who have received one vaccination dose are also permitted to travel to work but must get tested twice a week, with at least 72 hours between each test, while they continue to travel between regions until they receive their second dose.   

We will provide updates to members as soon as further information is available. 

MBV is here for you 

As mentioned above, we are still examining today’s changes and will provide updates soonest further information is available. 

In the meantime, please enjoy getting your teams ready for “freedom Friday”! 

Thank you, as always, for your support of Master Builders Victoria. 

Best wishes, Rebecca Casson

CEO, Master Builders Victoria