Large Scale

What is the definition of ‘large format retail’ for the purpose of a construction site? 

For the purposes of classifying construction sites, a large format retail construction site is defined as a retail premises larger than 2000 square metres in size. 

Is there an exemption process for civil construction? 

All civil works, building and construction activities (whether publicly or privately funded) are subject to the large-scale, small-scale and early-stage land development restrictions, unless those activities:  

  • Constitute construction of critical and essential infrastructure, or  
  • Constitute critical repairs to any premises where required for emergency and safety, as provided for by the Authorised provider and authorised worker list

Large and small scale

How many sites can solar installers and inspectors visit? 

Solar installers are classified as Specialist Contractors in the Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions. ​  

Under current restrictions: 

  • Solar installers can move between up to three sites per week  
  • Solar installers and/or inspectors can attend a site to provide safety services and services that are required to meet minimum statutory obligations or requirements. 


Can more workers than the limit come on site if there is an emergency? 

Yes. Emergency responses or repairs are permitted. 


Can I carry out work at an occupied building to address a Notice or Order that has been issued by a Private Building Surveyor or Municipal Building Surveyor? 

Yes, if the works constitute critical repairs required to address a safety or health risk to any person. Works can also be undertaken where safety or emergency services, installations or equipment have not been maintained in accordance with the occupancy permit. A physical barrier such as a separate room or temporary wall should be used where the occupant is not able to vacate the site whilst the works are completed. 

COVIDSafe Plan must be in place for the site and all COVIDSafe practices should be followed, including physical distancing and good hand hygiene. Face masks must be worn indoors and outdoors, unless a lawful reason not to wear one applies. 


How many sites can a worker providing ancillary support to construction (prior to base stage or after fixing stage), visit per week? 

There are no specific restrictions on the movement of workers who perform ancillary activities in support of the construction industry. However, workplace caps still apply and movement is to be minimised where possible.  


My business is not permitted to open for on-site operations, but it supplies a business that is permitted to open under the Authorised provider and authorised worker list. Can I open on-site to supply permitted businesses? 

Ancillary and support businesses are defined as those that are necessary for the operation of a permitted industry.   

These businesses can open on-site where necessary for the operations of an Authorised provider or authorised worker, or for Closed Work Premises where there are safety or environmental obligations. Examples include, production, supply, manufacture, repair, maintenance, cleaning, security, wholesale, distribution, transportation or sale of equipment, goods or services essential to the operation of the work of an Authorised provider or authorised worker. 

We understand that this will apply to suppliers/installers of shower screens, robe doors, splashbacks and shelving after fixing stage.

The business cannot operate on-site for any other purpose. 


Small scale

Can I obtain an Authorised provider and authorised worker permit as an owner builder? 

Only workers who are on the Authorised provider and authorised worker list can obtain a worker permit.  If you do not fall in this category, you are ineligible for a worker permit and cannot travel to the property, unless it is to complete a final inspection. Being an owner builder doesn't by itself entitle you to be an authorised worker. 

If you are an owner builder and do not appear on the Authorised provider and worker list, you must complete this work remotely including ensuring the work meets building regulations and arranging building inspections.. Authorised providers and authorised workers can be engaged to carry out inspections and other required works.


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