In lockstep with our commitment to keeping members informed with the latest COVID-19 updates, we wish to advise that the Victorian Government's workplace protocols for COVID-19 testing have today been updated, as follows:  

From 11:59pm tonight (12 January 2022), a person who tests positive on a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) is considered a case and must report their result to the Department of Health.   

If a worker has tested positive for COVID-19 has worked in an indoor space during their infectious period, they must inform their workplace as soon as possible. The workplace must identify and inform other workers who are contacts (including sub-contractors, but not patrons/customers).   

Testing requirements: workplace contacts 

  • If a person has symptoms, they must use a RAT, or a PCR test if they cannot access a rapid antigen test  
  • If they don't have symptoms, they are strongly recommended to use five rapid antigen tests (one per day)  
  • If they test positive on any of the RAT, they must report their result online or call 1800 675 398, isolate for seven days and follow the checklist. 

The reporting of the positive RAT will ensure the person has access to the same primary healthcare response and information – including monitoring for worsening symptoms or financial assistance that a person with a positive PCR test would receive. 

Workplaces must notify the Department of Health if there are 5 or more cases within a 7-day period. 
Please use the COVID-19 outbreak notification form to quickly let the Department of Health know about a suspected outbreak of COVID-19. 

Further guidance on determining who is and who isn't a contact can be found on the Victorian Government Coronavirus website. Click here. 

COVID-19 case numbers and information is changing very fast, and we will continue to provide members with the most updated information as the Government informs us.  

We are still working with the Department of Health to understand what constitutes ‘acceptable evidence’ of a negative test that facilitates the return to work of contacts. We will share this information once it comes to hand.  


1,000 Additional Vaccinators to be Trained for the Victorian Vaccination Workforce 

Yesterday, Tuesday 11 January 2022, the Victorian Government announced that they will train up to 1,000 new vaccinators, as millions of Victorians become eligible for their third vaccine dose over the coming weeks.  

The key objective is to make a larger workforce available to administer COVID-19 vaccines, as well as help relieve the pressure on health professionals, allowing them to return to their regular duties.  

People in Victoria aged 18 years and older are eligible to get their third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine four months after their second dose.  

Appointments can be booked at a state-clinic or through a local GP or pharmacy. 

MBV would like to remind our members to please stay safe, and if you or one of your employees feels unwell, please get tested as soon as possible.