Master Builders Victoria (MBV) has collaborated with our national office – Master Builders Australia (MBA) to represent the building and construction industry in response to the recommendations of the Building Confidence Report (BCR).

The BCR published in February 2018 set out to review compliance and enforcement systems across Australia state and territories.  It contains 24 recommendations that seek to improve the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement across all jurisdictions, a national best practice model that will also enhance public trust in our industry.  

In March 2019 the Building Ministers (appointed from each state) supported the report’s findings and agreed on an implementation plan. Accordingly, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) BCR Implementation Team was created to develop and coordinate responses to the BCR recommendations in consultation with the government and industry.

The ABCB BCR Implementation Team has finalised their review and published the BCR Implementation Report which summarises the issues, their approach, the future, and opportunities for action; recognising that some governments have already started the process on regulatory reform.

The Victorian Government has commenced its own review for a framework for reform to modernise Victoria’s building system. The Victorian Government established an Expert Panel to lead its review and advise on the necessary changes to ensure Victoria’s building regulatory system delivers compliant buildings, protects consumers, supports practitioners, and supports effective regulator compliance.

The Expert Panel review is being done in stages. Stage one includes the following aspects of the building regulatory system:

  • Practitioner registration
  • Building approvals
  • Regulatory oversight
  • Consumer protection

The recommendations of Victoria’s Expert Panel are aligned with many of the recommendations of the ABCB BCR Implementation Team.

MBV continues to advocate on behalf of its members and the building and construction industry both federally and at state level to ensure that Victoria’s regulatory framework is robust. 

The MBV policy team meets regularly with the Commissioner for Better Regulation, Anna Cronin, and her team to offer feedback on the proposed changes to Victoria’s regulatory framework as it moves through the stages of review. 

MBV is advocating for a regulatory system that creates a future ready industry, prosperity and ensures a better-built environment for all Victorian’s.

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