From 18 November to 14 February, Worksafe Victoria focuses on the prevention of falls with an awareness program that highlights prevention controls, as well as the proper use of scaffolding and ladders.

The safety ‘blitz’ includes an awareness of facts and statistics that underscore the importance of attention to detail in making work sites safe places to operate.


18 Victorian construction workers have lost their lives due to falls over past 10 years

All ‘live’ (unguarded) edges require controlling the of a fall. This includes stair voids, window openings, roofs, scaffolding, etc.

Work performed at a height greater than two metres is considered high-risk, and requires the development of a Safe Work Method Statement and the implementation of controls


  • Scaffolding must be complete and have a stable foundation
  • Scaffolding must be tied into the building
  • Scaffolding must be appropriate for the weight load of the task

WorkSafe inspectors will be conducting audits to support the program, targeting fall prevention, scaffolding and the appropriate use of ladders specifically.

The following resources are available to enhance your familiarity with statistics and safety requirements:

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Compliance code – Prevention of falls general construction

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Construction safety focus – Prevention of falls

Guidance note – prevention of falls in construction, ladder selection and safe use