The transition of building and construction activity to official "Restricted" status on 28 September has led to a refreshed list of frequently asked questions to which members may refer. Answers to these FAQs are available on the Business Victoria website here and are organised among these four categories:

Some of the key questions that members have been seeking answers on are summarised below, but please see the links above for full details.
How do I calculate the allowable number of people on site for largescale construction, given our numbers fluctuate?
The baseline daily workforce for a large scale construction site is equivalent to the daily average number of workers on the large scale construction site across the project lifecycle. For existing projects, this is derived from the project's resourcing plan as at 31 July 2020. For new projects where no resource plan was available prior to 31 July, the resource plan as at the date of project commencement must be used.
What are a COVID marshall’s roles and responsibilities?
COVID marshals are recommended for large scale construction sites. COVID marshals are appointed by the respective site managers and are responsible for supporting site compliance and providing advice to employers and workers on a range of measures, the full list can found on page 12 here.  

The role does not need to be a single dedicated appointment, however, the COVID Marshal role must be their primary role when on duty and must account for  greater than 50 per cent of their daily work activities. The employer has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the COVIDSafe obligations are met.
Will builders be able to operate display homes/suites for clients to visit?
Display homes can open by private appointment (prearranged only) under the Restricted stage, for one agent and one prospective purchaser for a maximum of 15 minutes. Sanitiser must be available at all inspections and is required to be used upon entry into the property. Records of all visitors to the display home must be kept, including contact details.
As mentioned, please see the links above for full details on each question.