Dear members,  

In our discussions with Government, MBV has continued to place the COVID-19 isolation rules that continue to cripple our industry at the forefront of our advocacy.  

We understand the difficulties that this has caused many of our members across Victoria with key staff testing negative to COVID-19 being forced to isolate for up to seven days having been deemed a close contact.  

In welcome news, Master Builders Victoria is pleased to report that with almost 70 per cent of Victorian adults having received their third vaccine dose, the Victorian Government has moved to remove most COVID-19 restrictions from 11.59pm this Friday (22 April 2022).  

We are therefore pleased to inform members that the Minister for Health has today advised the following changes to the pandemic orders:  

  • Workplaces will no longer be required to individually identify and notify potentially exposed workers.
  • Individuals will be required to notify workplace contacts in addition to notifying their social contacts.
  • Close contacts are no longer required to quarantine, provided:  
    • A face mask is worn indoors.  
    • Sensitive settings such as hospitals and aged care facilities are avoided.  
    • Five rapid antigen tests are undertaken (that must be negative) over the course of seven days.  
  • Workers are no longer required to keep any attendance records or maintain a check-in marshal.  
  • If you have had COVID-19 within the past three months (12 weeks), you are no longer required to test or quarantine.  

Rules that will remain:  

  • Existing two-dose vaccination mandates for critical workers, such as the building and construction personnel, will remain.  
  • All workplaces will still be required to manage safe workplace practices and have a COVIDSafe plan.  
  • Face masks will still be required on public transport, at airports, and in sensitive health, aged care, and justice settings.  

Rules that no longer are required, but recommended:  

  • Continue to work from home if you’re a close contact. 
  • Continue to wear a face mask where you are unable to physically distance. 

Further details on these new restrictions are published online at  

A complete copy of the restrictions can be accessed on the Department of Health's pandemic orders.