COVID-19 isn't going away; it's a part of our daily life, and the worksite rules of 2021 are the new normal.

But remember: being COVIDSafe keeps your family and you safe, which is why you must be COVIDSafe all the time, not just at work.

Remember to always keep a mask on you, and if you don't feel well, don't go to work. Get tested and isolate at home; it's the right thing to do.

Make sure you follow the rules, and if you don't know the rules, ask.

The building, construction & development industry of Victoria have developed COVIDSafe worksite resources in 16 languages. Posters, social media tiles & messages can be downloaded here.

Print the posters & put them on your worksite in all relevant languages & share these social media messages with your community, colleagues, family & friends.

Do you need assistance understanding your OHS requirements? Master Builders Victoria members have free access to OHS advisors. Call (03) 9411 4555 or email [email protected] for more information.