For any of our members working out of South East Queensland plus NSW/QLD hard border, the south-east Queensland lockdown has been extended until 4pm Sunday, 8 August.

People in the local government areas of Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Redlands, Logan, Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley and Somerset will be required to stay at home except to:

  • Attend work if you can’t work from home
  • Buy essentials like groceries and medicine
  • Look after the vulnerable, and
  • Exercise within their neighbourhood.

Residents must stay within 10km of their home to perform essential shopping and exercise.

Read more about the restrictions details on movement and gathering, businesses and events and face masks on the Queensland Government’s website.

Building & Construction Remains Open

While the industry has again been deemed essential, there are some differences to the previous lockdowns, including some limitations on work that can be conducted and the recent change that masks must now be worn (if safe to do so), even when you can socially distance.

Queensland's Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young praised the efforts of the building and construction industry and their ability to apply and comply with the COVID restrictions. 
The Department of Energy & Public Works has advised that where construction is on a site that is or includes a home residence or business (e.g., a restaurant or hospital), essential building and construction works can continue.

It therefore means that work can be done on:

  • New home sites
  • New apartments or multi-residential sites
  • New commercial building sites
  • Other types of buildings where the building is unoccupied by homeowners (for example, a unit renovation on an unoccupied residence)
  • Building work being done for a business for example a restaurant, hospital, or other essential building.

However, you need to make sure you limit interactions between your workers and any clients, occupants, staff, or visitors to the site you are working at.

Queensland Health have requested a commonsense approach be taken to working in people’s homes or businesses.

Renovation, maintenance and service work will only be considered essential and can continue if it is:

  • Renovations, repair work or maintenance work being done to make the property safe and functional (for example, restoring services that make a home liveable, such as kitchens, bathrooms, other plumbing work, stairs, and access points, etc).
  • Where the work is outside the home and you have very limited contact with the occupants – for example, external concreting or external painting.
  • Service trade work such as plumbing or electrical that is essential to the property, for example, genuine emergencies to maintain fresh water and electrical supply to a house/ business.