Revision 9 of the Building and Construction Industry COVID-19 Guidelines have been issued today. Working with others, Master Builders Victoria has been advocating for these changes and this latest update represents the current state of a COVIDSafe Summer that the State Government has spoken of.
These Industry Guidelines are consistent with DHHS Workplace Directions No 12 that were issued earlier this week, and are informed by Worksafe’s Foundation for Safety Victoria group - the guidelines today have been confirmed as compatible with their advice.
The full version can be accessed below and there are five major changes members should be aware of:

1) Personnel Hoists/Lifts: Under COVIDSafe Summer restrictions -  there are no longer any restrictions on the occupancy numbers of hoists and lifts. However, the range of additional control measures to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 while using hoists and lifts are maintained and recommended. Examples of this include the wearing of masks, and physical distancing while waiting for lifts/hoists. Please refer to section 3.7 of the Guidelines for the full list.

2) Face Masks
: Workers are no longer required to wear a face mask when working physically distant from other workers, but they must carry a face mask and wear it when a physical distance of 1.5 metres cannot be achieved. Please refer to section 3.8 of the Guidelines.

3) Density Quotient:
  The total number of workers in areas at any one time, including in crib rooms, has been increased to 1 person per 2 square metres (previously it was 1 person per 4 square metres). Please refer to section 3.9 of the Guidelines

4) Travelling in Vehicles: There is no longer any restriction on the number of persons occupying vehicles when travelling to work or travelling at work. However, as physical distancing cannot be achieved, face masks must be worn in vehicles unless travelling alone. Please refer to section 3.12 of the Guidelines.

5) CALD Messaging A new section has been added on the importance of, and tools to issue general communication in ways that can be understood and observed by Culturally and Linguistic Diverse workers. Please refer to section 3.13 of the Guidelines. To access worksite safety posters and social media tiles in English and 15 other translated and contextualised languages please download from this site.  

Please read the full Building and Construction Industry COVID-19 Guidelines here

The explanatory note for the guidelines can be read here
It is important that members amend all COVIDSafe plans according to these changes, and communicate the changes to all employees and their representatives.
During this COVIDSafe Summer, it is vital that complacency doesn’t creep in.  Our industry must continue the great work it has done throughout this year to observe the guidelines so that our sector can remain both safe and open in 2021.