As stated in our special member newsletter on the weekend, be in no doubt that the building and construction industry dodged a major bullet in NOT being further restricted or SHUT DOWN completely.

Our sector must take that responsibility very seriously.

As part of this acknowledgement of our COVIDSafe practices, we MUST CONTINUE to implement EVERY MEASURE in our industry COVID-19 GUIDELINES.

To that end, Master Builders Victoria (MBV) has continued to work with other industry associations and unions to endorse further measures that will be incorporated into the next revision of the Guidelines.

Effective immediately

  1. ALWAYS enforce the wearing of face masks, including travelling to and from work and on public transport. Wearing masks is the most important measure available (unless workers are exempted or have a valid medical reason).

  2. NO carpooling to work.

  3. MINIMISE workers leaving site for any reason once they are logged in – this includes for smoke and lunch breaks. Encourage workers to bring meals from home. If not possible, send a limited number of workers to collect lunches.

  4. MANDATORY temperature testing on all large-scale projects.

  5. APPOINT COVID marshals on all large-scale projects and give them the authority to enforce these rules.

  6. Consider getting VACCINATED yourself now and promote it to your workforce.

  7. Encourage your workers to get VACCINATED, especially while many of them may not be permitted to work or are not in the 25 per cent or five worker crews.